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A Little About 

Paradise Surf

Paradise Surf is the original women's surf brand from Santa Cruz, California. Founded in 1997, Paradise Surf Shop provided customers with an iconic brand of laid back clothing perfect for the surfing lifestyle as well as a welcoming place for women to hang out and learn about all things surf, tell stories, and plan surf trips. After 13 years as a brick and mortar retail store, Paradise moved to the cloud. 

Today, Paradise Surf is soley owned by original founding member, Sally Smith-Weymouth, as she carries on the conviction of promoting the empowerment of women through the sport of surfing and caring for the ocean environment we play in. 

Paradise Surf sponsors local surf contests and participates in local fundraising events that support women and their families in times of crises and need, as well as environmental causes that promote the health and well being of the ocean environment. 


When you wear the Paradise Surf brand, you are wearing a brand that represents the strength, beauty, and grace of women who surf, the community they love, and the environment they cherish and protect. 

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